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The team leaders and management at LDR are passionate people who strive for excellence across all aspects of the school programme.

Achieving academic and co-curricular excellence and a healthy attitude to life for all of our students is of paramount importance to the founders of LDR International School. The dedication our leaders demonstrate to upholding the school’s vision and mission is outstanding and provides a strong foundation for all teachers and staff to build upon. Each year, we read over 100 teacher applications before carefully selecting candidates for any new teaching positions. All new teachers receive 3 weeks of rigorous training and benefit from an additional 40 hours of ongoing professional development support throughout each school year.

We require that all our teachers hold suitable qualifications and be experienced educators. Most of all, our teachers must be ready to be suitable role models to our students. We know that we ultimately teach through modelling and expect all teachers to fully embrace the values of the school and develop personal attributes in line with the school’s Thirteen Enlightening Habits. You will find our talented teachers under each year level, within our Academic Programme

  • Name

    Dr. Mrudul Raval
  • Designation

    Principal – Academic

Mrudul has been involved in education for over 12 years. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Chemistry. Mrudul has taught Chemistry, Chemical Sciences and Science. In the last twelve years, he has been fortunate enough to have worked at some of the leading schools in India as well as at his own institute. He is a Cambridge certified teacher for Chemistry subjects. Moreover, He is a proud member of UCAS - Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, UK.

“To those who see with loving eyes, life is beautiful
To those who speak with tender voices, life is peaceful
To those who help with gentle hands, life is full
And to those who care with compassionate hearts,
life is good beyond all measure!”

“Today the role of a school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate them to be critical thinkers of an ever changing global society. At LDR students are provided with an atmosphere for multifaceted development, to exhibit their talents, skills and an ability to reach greater heights. Every student is identified, nurtured and encouraged to become a responsible global citizen. We inculcate strong values combined with academics and co– curricular activities. In our curriculum the student is the primary focus and each child is groomed to face tomorrow’s challenges in all walks of life.

I strongly believe that education is a collaborative effort that involves professional administrators, committed faculties, and motivated students along with their loving family. We have dedicated ourselves as professional administrators in crafting students for a successful global exposure.

In short learning at LDR is a wholesome package of culture, attitude, challenge and opportunity.”

Dr. Mrudul has been involved with and chaired a number of committees throughout his career. He has served in various coordinator roles, including Cambridge Coordination, technology initiatives, school improvement programs, and has played a critical role in many aspects of educational professional development.

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  • Name

    Ms. Nazima Chauhan
  • Designation

    Director (Acting as Head of School)

Nazima has been actively involved from the very beginning when LDR was being initiated in 2019. For almost two years, she has been our inspiration and the motivational force behind LDR’s growth. She has always wanted to build the kind of academic environment where every family aspires to be: a sprawling, biodiverse campus that creates endless state-of-the-art experiential learning opportunities, a committed faculty, highly engaged students, thriving athletic and extra-curricular programmes, and a strong and supportive community of parents and friends.

“Education is a passage to freedom from the shackles of ignorance. In today’s dynamic world, education is an asset. Here, at LDR we strive to provide experimental learning. However, holistic education does not end at learning. We make sure that our students are rooted in the values of Indian culture and, yet maintain a global outlook. It is our promise to make them not only successful human beings but also good human beings.

LDR is an initiative towards creating tomorrow’s world leaders: leaders who are willing to change this world for better. ` Till now we have had a remarkable journey. LDR family is proud of its students and their endeavours. Finally, I would like to conclude my message with a quotation from Swami Vivekananda’s saying – “We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet”.”

Since inception, she has been able to take the school towards its vision. She holds a Master of Arts with English from the Gujarat University, India. She is an expert at directing schools and the school proudly benefits from her experience.

She has served for number of best schools in India and possesses 28 years of rich experience:

  • (1) SN Kansagra, Rajkot – 7 Years
  • (2) The New Tulip International School, Ahmedabad – 14 Years
  • (3) Khyati World School, Ahmedabad – 3 Years
  • (4) Tripada International School, Ahmedabad – 2 Years
  • (5) LDR International School – 2 Magnificent Years and Counting!

Moreover, she is a former National level Basketball Player and encourages co-curricular activities and sports. Nazima Loves interacting with parents, students, young talents and sportsperson.

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  • Name

    Dr. Pratush Raval
  • Designation

    Examination Officer

Dr. Pratush holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Physics. Dr. Pratush has more than 8 years of experience as an educator. He has worked with young people in different capacities – as a classroom teacher with students from year 7 to Year 12 for many years and as an examination officer in India, 8 years before coming to LDR. Dr. Pratush joined LDR as a Head Physics and Mathematics Teacher in 2019, before the official opening of the school, additionally serves as the examination officer since then.
“Exam evaluates the student's ability of learning. It is an effective way to analyze the knowledge of students. It is a measurement of how much they learn and constraint in the study.

“Education is the passport to the future…”
“Bright future tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today…”

Holding the part as examination officer in an organization with future generation, I am more certain that you will do well, believe yourself and good luck shall always accompany you on your journey to great heights.

There is nothing in this world that can hinder you from excelling if you allow confidence and determination to accompany you wherever you go. I believe the excellence you’re going to achieve in your exams is only just the beginning of greater things in your life.

You were born to stand out and achieve remarkable things in life, so don’t ever yield to fear or anxiety or self -doubt. Trust in yourself, go out and show the world what you are made of.”

Dr. Pratush’s main role has been to oversee the implementation of the examination and to supervise and train teachers for the same. This includes facilitating the integration of the CBSE curriculum and Cambridge curriculum examinations and their smooth conduct. He is also responsible to educate higher year children in all physics and mathematics subjects. He is a technology loving person, so is usually occupied in getting advice, researching, trying, testing and innovatively implementing various hi-tech technology which benefits teachers, students and staff.

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  • Name

    Ms. Sejal Vaishnav
  • Designation

    Administration Head

Sejal holds a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from Gujarat University and Post Graduate Advanced Computer Programming from HL College (Gujarat University).

She initially joined LDR in 2020 when it officially begun its operations after having successfully established a stable base for her family.

“It indeed is a privilege to serve at LDR. It is a community like no other. Every new morning adds fresh purpose and renews our strength, with the possibilities of adding value to young and impressionable lives that are entrusted in our care. Every new day encourages us to live out the true meaning of our creed, that is ‘to be a school the world needs’ and make this world a better place.

I Look forward to address all your enquiries and concerns, as well as meet you at LDR International School.”

I am impressed with the LDR philosophy. What we are trying to achieve at LDR is not only about improving our students’ futures but also about supporting the development of every employee and parent at the school.

I believe kids should be at the centre of learning and have a lead role in directing their own education, guided and supported by our professional teachers. Trying and sometimes getting things wrong is not failing – in fact it is the best way to develop and progress. This culture of learning at school is what inspires me to build and maintain our quality at LDR.

LDR’s vibrant and welcoming community, its vision to create lifelong learners, and its dedication to providing a holistic education is what ensures it is successful, both academically and as the basis for a peaceful and fulfilling way of life.

Apart from leading my administration team performing all the school administration work, my team and I manage the human resource, parent relations, admissions, student support service and fees departments as well.

I Look forward to address all your enquiries and concerns, as well as meet you at LDR International School.”

As an Administration Head, she will lead the administration team and oversee all daily support operations of the school. This includes procurement, maintenance, IT, catering, housekeeping, parent relations, admissions, fees, student support services, quality management, and Human Resource departments, all vital operations to the school (academic and non-academic) as well as their supervision to assure high standards of LDR. She is an integral team member of the LDR international School’s Leadership Team.

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