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At LDR International School, our mission is to develop highly educated, resilient, thoughtful and caring individuals through a practical, values-based approach to education.

Our vision is to see that our children excel academically and enrich their physical, social, emotional and intellectual well-being. We aim for them to develop a caring and compassionate understanding of the environment that will benefit themselves, the people they meet and the planet.

From their very first day at LDR, our students will gradually build an increasingly deeper understanding of a core set of principles, based on four important areas of their development:

  • Physical

  • Social

  • Emotional

  • Intellectual

As a result, our graduating students will be of strong character, have a solid understanding of what constitutes good moral conduct and appreciate the importance of building healthy relationships throughout their lives.

For this to reach its full potential, we foster close relationships between our students, teachers, management, families and the wider community.

We embrace the Indian culture and values and use these as the basis to build a solid foundation on which our students can prosper and thrive. One of the key tools we use that helps students progress across all four areas of development, is a set of skills and qualities known as the Thirteen Enlightening Habits.

Opportunities to practice, develop and reflect upon all Thirteen Enlightening Habits is integrated into their daily life at the school.

We are driven to ensure LDR is considered one of the top academic and co-curricular schools, not only here in India, but also around the world. To be able to do this it is imperative that the school works closely with all parents, which also help to establish a feeling of community, and belonging.