Thirteen Enlightening Habits

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The 13 Enlightening Habits are integrated into every student’s daily life at our school.

One of the key tools we use to promote a more holistic, Indian way of life at LDR, that helps students progress across all four areas of development, is a set of skills and qualities known as the Thirteen Enlightening Habits.

Opportunities to practice, develop and reflect upon all

LDR Areas of Development Enlightening Habits
Physical 1. Using the senses wisely (lndriya-Samvara)
2. Knowing the right amount (Santosh)
Social 3. Not harming (Ahimsa)
4. Being truthful (Satya)
5. Being generous (Tyaga)
6. Being kind and compassionate (Maitrī - Karuna)
Emotional 7. Being patient and tolerant (Kshanti)
8. Persevering (VÄ«rya)
Intellectual 9. Being enthusiastic (Vipra)
10. Being mindful and alert (Smá¹›ti)
11. Being calm and focused (Samadhi)
12. Applying the mind skilfully (Manasikara)
13. Sense of Wisdom, understanding and right intent (Vivek)